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Why join The Lemon Club?

Because it can seriously boost your confidence and success!
Here's an unrivaled resource library of advice from top coaches and trainers, on hand 24/7. Dip in when you want to hone sales skills, improve networking, polish presentations, enhance your confidence ... and so much more!  And it's now available three ways!

1. Lemon Club Lite (£20 pcm inc.VAT with discount code)

2. Lemon Club Professional (£37 pcm inc.VAT) – “Lite” PLUS

  • Unlimited email help to solve communications issues as you face them + optional monthly phone support.

3. Or buy it all at once - with 20% OFF!

  • If you can't wait to get access to everything we offer, buy Lemon Club Lite for a single payment of £175 (inc. VAT) or Professional for £325 (inc. VAT). Ask us about it now!

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Summer 2014

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The Lemon Club

I am a big fan of "Personal Development" and "Life Long Learning", especially online training, and The Lemon Club delivers some of the best I have experienced. It is focused, fascinating and fun – you see it, you hear it and you do it – and for me, that means it is more likely to sink in and stick!

PJ van Zetten, Travel Counsellor

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